The New Amputee

You are not alone. You have a team behind you that has made it their goal, to make you successful. Your doctor, physical therapist and prosthetist are going to work to get you back to the highest functioning level possible. The advancement in prosthetics over the last 20 years has been amazing. A great deal of work has been done on comfort, function and appearance. Various types of liners have reduced the incidence of skin issues and made it possible to increase wearing time and more strenuous activities.

We now fabricate prosthetics that are programmable and use on board computer chips to monitor the leg and make instant changes to accommodate walking speed and terrain. In the area of appearance, we can fabricate a prosthesis that is a cosmetic duplicate of your original leg or a walking work of art that you help design.

Preparation for Your New Prosthesis

Preparation for your new prosthesis begins immediately. Following surgery we will start the process of preparing the residual limb for the prosthesis. We need to reduce the swelling before we can make your new leg. To help this process you will be fit with a shrinker sock. The shrinker sock helps reduce edema and protect the incision. The sock needs to be worn 24 hours per day. Also, it is important to keep the limb clean. Unless your physician has directed otherwise wash everyday with soap and water.

During this time your physical therapist will be working with you to increase your strength. This is important. Maintaining your strength from the beginning will make the process of adapting to your new leg faster and easier. Basically, let’s shrink the residual limb and increase your overall strength during this time.

Your New Prosthesis

Your new prosthesis will be designed specifically for you. Your physical therapist has been making assessments aimed at determining your functioning level. Based on this and other factors we will design your new leg. The goal is to create a leg that that meets your needs. We will start by making an impression of the residual limb. From this model we can fabricate a socket and check the fit.

We will also fabricate a temporary prosthesis allowing you to begin weight bearing and learning to walk again. As we observe you walking, it will help us make assessments that will assist in the design of your definitive leg. Always remember, you can have a great influence on the design of your leg. It is important that you let us know your goals and ambitions.

The Fitting of Your Prosthesis

The fitting of your prosthesis is a process, not an event. The initial settings on your leg will take into consideration that you are a new amputee. As you learn to walk and progress, we will reevaluate your needs at that time. At all times your safety is our primary consideration. There will be multiple visits to our office and adjustments made to accommodate you as you advance. At first we may recommend a shoe that is not your favorite.

Or not recommend the latest carbon laminate running foot. That’s okay, The variety of shoes will increase and if you are a candidate for a rocket leg in the future, we’ll make sure you get one.