Insoles for Painful Feet

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Okay, you don’t have a prescription. There is not a specific pathology you’re dealing with. There is no way insurance is going to help you out. You do a lot of working, walking, running, cross training and your feet just hurt. Owens Carolina has a program for you. As we have discovered, there are many serious problems that can be present in the feet. Just because your feet hurt, it doesn’t mean you are in that group. If you are thinking about getting some drugstore inserts, just know that you can get custom “molded to your foot” shoe inserts for not much more. They will be fitted to the shoe you bring in or one provided by us. If they do not make your feet feel wonderful, you do not have to take them. If you choose a shoe provided by someone other than us, that’s okay. New Balance is a great shoe, as are many others. We just need to have a shoe that has a removable insole and is not fit too tight. Running shoes and cross trainers are great to work with. If you need a shoe to accommodate a dress code at work, no problem, we can help with that. (Quick note, hard leather shoes won’t work. There is just not enough room for the insole and your foot.) We do have dress shoes that have enough depth for this purpose.

These energy-absorbing, custom shoe inserts are molded to your foot, making an intimate, total contact fit. The effects will not only be felt in your feet, but in your knees, hips and back. We also have a program that includes making permanent molds of your feet. The molds are kept in the library. You can reorder at any time and have the new inserts shipped to you. Yes, they do wear out. Of course there is never a problem with you coming in for new inserts.

There are so many professions that are abusive to the feet. Nursing, restaurant service, any place there is a concrete floor, office workers, construction, the list goes on and on. Contact Owens Carolina today to obtain your custom “molded to your foot” shoe inserts!