An orthosis/brace is a device used to support a weakened, unstable, injured, or overloaded ankle, foot, leg, arm, hip, shoulder or back.

Lower Extremity Orthotics Devices

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Ankle Foot Orthosis

The custom-fit AFO or ankle foot orthosis is used in the event that certain functions of the ankle and foot are impaired or lost. Following a CVA or stroke, the ability to dorsiflex the foot can be lost. This “foot drop” condition is controlled by the AFO. It is also useful in preventing contractures that can happen post CVA. Injuries to the nerves in the leg or lower back can interrupt the signal to the muscles, decreasing or eliminating their ability to function. Diseases such as diabetes, MS, MD, CP and others can cause stability issues that the AFO can help counter. Growing children can also have deformities that can be controlled with the custom-fit AFO. Occasionally, following surgery or certain fractures in the feet and lower leg, the AFO can be used as part of the rehab process.


Supra-Malleolar Orthosis

  • Designed for the pediatric foot
  • Controls internal rotary deformity, pronation/flat foot in children with low tone
  • Improves balance and coordination while allowing for range of motion in the saggital plane
  • Typical patient is under 90lbs


WalkAide is a revolutionary, FDA approved medical device that uses (FES) functional electrical stimulation to improve walking for those living with foot drop. WalkAide can help patients who exhibit foot drop due to brain or spinal diseases or Trauma, such as Stroke (CVA), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic brain injury (TBI), or Cerebral Palsy (CP).