Over the next fifty years, Carolina Brace continued to serve the people of the Charlotte region by providing expertly crafted orthotics and prosthetics as well as innovations to the orthotics industry. In 2000, Tom Owens sold Carolina Brace to his son, Tim Owens, a Certified Orthotist who had founded Owens Orthotics in 1995. Tim then merged both the companies and the names to form Owens Carolina, as the company is known today.

From originally serving the people of Charlotte in the back of an old truck, we are now proud to provide services for patients and practitioners nationwide. Our combination of research, innovation, and experience is exemplified in our workshop, where cobbling tools originating from Carolina Brace’s original truck in 1925 sit beside cutting edge modeling equipment that is the future of the orthotics and prosthetics industry. We promise to continue to innovate in our industry to further improve the lives of our patients, just as we promise to retain our focus of serving the people of the Charlotte region. As we approach our 91st year of business, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, both for now and for many more years to come.

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